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The Lensless Camera Manufacturing Company is proud to offer you a line of hand crafted, made in America, pinhole cameras in various film sizes and focal lengths. Our standard cameras are made from 1/2" 9 laminate birch (walnut stained with polyurethane finish) and have vertical and horizontal tripod mounts. Special order cameras are available in Mahogany and custom formats. Hardwood cameras are subject to market prices. All prices include FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental US. All others please contact us for shipping information.

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A unique feature of pinhole cameras is that depth of field is of no concern sample photos.; everything in front of the camera is equally in focus. This was the reason that Ansel Adams used this type of camera for many of his nature shots.You can get countless different effects by bending the film, putting it in diagonally, or by wadding up the negative.

Our unique camera designs make it possible to use cut film holders or Polaroid backs such as those used with lensed cameras, thus eliminating the need to load the camera in the darkroom. Of course if you prefer, you can still load the film in the darkroom the traditional way by using the back that comes with the camera.

Using the Tri-X 400 ASA or #52 Polaroid, exposure time in bright noon-day sun is about 4 seconds. If you would like to use your own pinhole the one installed in the camera is easily removed.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

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